What is Somatic Education?

Clinical Somatic Education in the style of Thomas Hanna is an accessible, effective means to eliminate chronic muscle pain for the long term.

It is the only sensory motor training method that teaches you to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain and instructs you in at home strategies and sequences, to reduce muscle tension and pain whenever it occurs yourself. In Somatic Education we teach you, through simple movements, how to truly relax the muscles tension patterns that are the root cause of your pain.

About Thomas Hanna

Thomas Hanna, PhD developed Hanna Somatic Education over the course of two decades of work in the field of Somatic Education. He began as a Feldenkrais practitioner, and developed his own method of Somatic Education after studying neurology at the University of Miami Medical School. It was there that he did research into the muscular ways in which all humans respond to stress reflexes and how these full body reflexes can habituate at the level of the central nervous system, causing muscular pain that contributes to many common conditions.

Movement and the Brain

Somatic Education goes to the root of most chronic muscular pain: the brain. To fully understand and begin on the path to eliminate your pain, we have to understand what causes it in the first place. Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is the condition of chronically tight muscles that develops due to accidents, injuries, surgeries, and on-going stress. Simply put, it means that the muscles involved have learned to remain contracted because your brain and nervous system has taught them to. The brain controls the muscles- therefore the brain needs to be engaged  in teaching them to relax properly, to release and to remember how to move again.

Somatic Education is a somatic discipline and reunites the conscious awareness with the unconscious reactions and responses of the body. A soma is the experience of being alive in a body rather than seeing the body as an object separate to self, a body experienced from within.

The word Soma describes the rich and constantly flowing array of sendings and actions that are occurring within the experience of each of us. The somatic viewpoint offers insights and possibilities that are categorically not possible from the viewpoint that is the established perspective of physiological science and medical practice.

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