What to expect – Clinical

About your clinical sessionsomatics-silhouette

What to expect:
For your initial assessment Darren will discuss your history, the pain/tension/mobility issue and what you’re trying to improve, and this will result in exploration of your current movement.
Darren will then guide refinements upon this movement and develop a strategy for you within the Somatic repertoire to regain natural movement.
You’ll be guided to understand the nature of your pain or mobility issue and to explore how to restore better function.
This is a hands on treatment where you work together, with Darren applying gentle resistance as you move.
Somatics is about education not about treatment.

Course of sessions-We require you to commit to a minimum of 3. Most conditions only require that many sessions but we like to keep it open, ideally these sessions 7-10 days apart

How long will it take? – You’re first session will take between 90-120 minutes, expect your subsequent sessions to be around 60-90 minutes.

Where do you work:
We work out of various treatment venues within cities throughout the UK, depending on where you are based. Locally we use our treatment room in our house, or Curtis House in St.Davids.
In certain circumstances we will make house calls if there are no other options.

What to wear:
You will be fully clothed at all times, wear soft non-restrictive clothing that you’re comfortable in.

Initial Session: £60
Subsequent: £40

We do offer subsidies in various circumstances, please ask.

The sessions can be amended for most disabilities, and for clients with low mobility too, call us to discuss if you have any queries.