“The Wired and Tired workshop was a fun and very practical introduction to the wonders of Hanna Somatics. Darren’s humour and passion shone through and left us all wanting to explore the technique more. Its appeal and application seems to suit an amazing range of complaints brought on by chronic muscle tension. Since the workshop I have been having clinical sessions with Darren to address my own chronic hip pain. Darren’s thorough explanations of my specific muscle tensions make so much sense; after several years of puzzling over my pain I finally have an understanding of what’s going on and feel empowered to heal myself. I have made the Somatic exercises part of my day and look forward to getting down on the floor for my daily pandiculations. Each little session eases the tightness and pain and I feel one step closer to gaining control of my rogue hip muscles and convincing them to relax!” – Dr Lou Luddington